The Green Neighborhoods Praxis focuses on architecture, landscape architecture, and green neighborhood design for the CU Family Housing Community recently flooded along Boulder Creek. David Driskell, the City of Boulder’s director of Planning and Sustainability has asked us

“What would a higher density, kid-friendly, green neighborhood look like for Boulder?”

To answer this question we will:

  • Employ contemporary strategies for designing green neighborhoods.
  • Learn how to intertwine multiple sustainable systems into a neighborhood including:
  1. Great places for kids, including ways to move about their neighborhood
  2. Energy production and conservation
  3. Civic stormwater, urban agriculture, urban ecology and hydrology
  4. Mixtures of uses, social responsiveness, and stewardship
  • Research case studies from around the world.
  • Collaborate with:
  1. Kids from Boulder High and Whittier Elementary Schools
  2. CU Campus Architects and Planners
  3. City of Boulder Directors of Urban Design, and Planning and Sustainability
  4. Boulder Housing Authority (Boulder Housing Partners)

This Praxis will give students experience in designing mixed-use urban architecture, green neighborhoods, and landscapes that sustain them. Cutting edge green-building and green infrastructural technologies will be emphasized. This is a real-world project that will be informed by, and serve, a diverse spectrum of the Boulder community.


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What would a higher density, kid-friendly, green neighborhood look like for Boulder?

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